Unique Women's Earrings from Recycled Glass

Earrings for women are the final touch to elegance. It is the most popular jewelry for women from antiquity until today. Earrings have been a sign of prosperity and wealth for thousands of years.

Women's earrings are an important part of fashion and an integral part of a refined and neat outfit. MiNiMiS glass earrings add to the glow of every woman's face in a way that only glass knows…

Their unique sparkle will captivate you. Their shadows and shine will ensure that your face exudes the confidence and pride that every woman needs for her accessories.

Pendant earrings, Minimal earrings, small earrings, earrings for all tastes and all occasions.

Jewelry based on the art of recycling with responsibility to women and the environment.

All MiNiMis jewelry promotes sustainable fashion and the concept of circular economy.

Our glass earrings are framed by metallic elements that take off the result in silver and gold.

Choose a design, color or bottle and save a bottle.