Astonishing Women's Rings from Recycled Glass

Rings are the top jewelry for a woman. The subtle movements of a woman's hands stand out when she wears an impressive ring that suits her style. Our hands are constantly exposed to everyone's eyes and we show them off at the first opportunity. From a simple handshake to typing during our work. From a caress to a hug. Allow your hands to shine with the help of a glass ring that will magnetize the eyes. Do you prefer delicate small rings or large and impressive ones? Do you prefer the turquoise ring, the deep blue, light green, olive, brown or the striking transparent color of ice;

Choose your own glowing ring according to your preferences in design and color and proudly wear your glass, unique, recycled jewelry.

The original jewelry designs of our store in combination with their ecological consciousness and their contribution to sustainable fashion are what will make you feel confident that you want them!

Whether you are looking for a special gift or you want to buy only ecofriendly products, or you are vegan and your philosophy agrees with MiNiMiS philosophy, or you just went crazy with the idea and our MiNiMiS jewelry then surely here you will meet your need through the variety of our products.