We should all cherise our mothers. Their caresses, their words of love, their affection can be the cure for our problems in life, no matter how old we are. Mums are the people who are happy for our successes and believe in us more than we do sometimes. 

The least we can do for the people who support us like that is to hug them tightly, tell them how much we love them and give them a beautiful present from MiNiMiS, which they will adore for sure. Our certainty derives from the quality of our handmade jewellery, which look stunning and feel like silk. 

Every single mother feels indescribable joy when her child offers her a present. The bliss and enthusiasm is even greater when she receives handmade jewellery as a present. Why is that so?

# 1: Because handmade jewellery is unique just like they are

3 Reasons Why Handmade Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for Mums 2

In order to craft handmade jewellery, an artisan has worked long and hard in order to create each and every piece. We are not talking about millions of jewellery produced all at once by a machine. On the contrary, every single product required a lot of time and effort in order to be created. No matter how hard an artisan tries to be as precise as a machine and recreate the exact same design, there will always be some slight and hardly noticeable differences among all the same products, making every piece of jewellery unique in the whole world. 

# 2: Because the materials play a crucial role in the creation of the perfect gift

A fake jewellery will get rusty, and it will probably break or will wear down quickly. In addition to that, it is hard for someone to craft elegant jewellery if they use cheap materials. 

It goes without saying that buying an expensive present is not recommended because no mother would be glad if her child spent an unreasonably large amount of money for her sake. There are, however, some companies, which use original materials in order to create stunning jewellery, and they set reasonable prices for their products. For example, MiNiMiS jewellery is made from recycled glass, and this is why all of our products stand out and are stamped indelibly on everyone’s memory.

# 3: All tastes are accommodated 

3 Reasons Why Handmade Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for Mums 3
Before you buy a gift for your mum, you should take a look at what type of jewellery she wears. Does she like simple jewellery? Then you should find small and plain accessories like the simple circle earrings ‘Astro’. On the other hand, if she likes wearing extravagant pieces that attract people’s eyes, you should consider purchasing the big and impressive rectangular ring ‘Charybdis’, which probably matches her style. Opening a gift box and seeing a piece of jewellery which you could have bought yourself is one of the best feelings a human can experience. Especially for a mother, who is used to being the one to know everything about all her family members, it is truly priceless to realise that her loved ones pay attention to her and they know her well.