The advent of the internet and social media has made the process of starting a business simple and effortless. Customers have a plethora of physical and online stores to choose from to do their shopping.  

Many people are interested in supporting businesses which not only offer excellent services but also stick to their moral principles no matter what. MiNiMiS is such a company as all of the advertised pieces of jewellery are made from glass bottles and waste glass, which are gathered and reused in crafting impressive jewellery. Why should you choose to trust the handmade creations made out of recycled glass by MiNiMiS?

Environmental Consciousness

Nowadays many environmental organisations and governments raise awareness and warn people about the environmental disaster that has occured due to detrimental human activities. It is everyone’s duty to be informed about the repercussions of our harmful actions towards the environment and to adopt greener habits. This applies to both individuals and businesses. MiNiMis guarantees that all its products are made from glass materials which we have gathered and transformed into beautiful jewellery, instead of letting them lie in landfills and aggravate the levels of soil and water pollution. 

Connect with Nature

4 Reasons Why You will Love Handmade Jewellery by Recycled Glass 2

Whether you have adopted an urban or a rural lifestyle, we should all remember that we are part of the world around us. MiNiMiS jewellery makes it easy to reconnect with the natural environment that surrounds us because all the products are available in 6 colours, which correspond to natural elements. The blue colour symbolises the clear blue sky, turquoise is the colour of the Ionian Sea, green is a symbol for the whole of nature, brown corresponds to the soil, the olive green colour matches with olive leaves and transparent jewellery looks like the air we breathe. 

Memorable Presents

Besides the connection with nature, you have the chance to choose the perfect present based on the bottle that is used as a container for the recipient’s favourite beverage. For example, if you are looking for a present for a man but you don’t know his taste and preferences, you can buy a men’s bracelet which was made from the bottle of his favourite alcohol brand. This is definitely an original present. 

Unique Designs

4 Reasons Why You will Love Handmade Jewellery by Recycled Glass 3

The use of glass contributes to the creation of pieces of jewellery which are characterised by unique and innovative designs and attract people’s attention and they are stamped indelibly on everyone’s memory. The fact that the jewellery is handmade allows artisans to let their imagination and creativity run wild. This way they create jewellery which is impossible to find somewhere else. Whether you prefer simple or impressive jewellery, you will find a great range of designs that match your style. Finally, the glass aesthetic provides a neutral vibe that makes it the ideal material for unisex accessories.