Big Earrings ‘Mishos’

Designer: MiNiMiS | Collection: Petals
Bottle: Water | Glass color power: Sky/Blue


Earrings in blue color of the sky, inspired by the flower’s stalk. Made of big glass rhombus out of sparkling water bottles on silver hook.

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MiNiMiS Jewelry is securely packed using aeroplast technology in a crafted and recycled box along with the glass bottle story and MiNiMiS care instructions.
Thank you for saving this bottle!

Overall Dimension 8,5cm. Glass Dimension : 6,5 x 3 cm. Silver 925 hook, nickel free.

Blue bottle

Each MiNiMiS product is produced in 6 different colors. This idea arised so that all bottles have equal opportunities in recycling. Depending on your taste, you can choose the design and type of jewelry and then your favorite color-bottle.
The blue bottle is a typical color of a carbonated water bottle in Greece. More than one company prefers the deep blue color for this product. This bottle has a dazzling deep blue color that perfectly matches the colors of our homeland, Greece!

Symbolism of Blue color

Blue is the color of the sky. Blue symbolizes peace and sweetness, stability, clear thinking, seriousness and purity of soul. As a color of calmness, it is the color of meditation and contemplation, which is why it is considered ideal for workplaces. Blue has been considered a symbol of trust, hope and faith since ancient times. It is also the color of expression of friendship. That is why politicians prefer to wear blue suits, that subconsciously exude confidence. Also the blue color symbolizes seriousness and safety.

Blue jewelry and how they are combined.

Your blue accessories go perfectly with beige and white clothes. Also the total blue outfit is a very chic look. A bolder combination of blue is with yellow. And a fairly familiar combination is blue with green. The myth that blue does not match black has been debunked for several years, so do not hesitate to try it. Blue in the accessories is an easy color that will definitely match many clothes from your wardrobe!

MiNiMiS product packaging.

MiNiMiS as recycled, ecological and highly aesthetic products, could not any less than have the appropriate packaging.
Each MiNiMiS product is personalized and “speaks” directly to the recipient of the product through the accompanying card from recycled paper. The special tab describes a) the name of the product b) the bottle of origin c) the name of the recipient with a “thank you” on behalf of the bottle that was reused through the purchase of the product and d) instructions for use and protection of the product.
The box of MiNiMiS jewelry is ecological from recycled paper with the brand name printed on it. Inside the box for the protection of the glass jewelry, we place natural sawdust which we procure from local wood processing companies where is the natural waste of its process.
Larger items that need a lot of attention for their transport are wrapped with the special aeroplast technology and packed in bigger boxes according to the needs of each item.

Allied to Greece, blue is the colour of freedom, which at the same time acts subconsciously as a tranquilizer as it discharges the mind from the intensity of everyday life. People who prefer it are characterized by freedom, creativity, honesty, spirituality

Use your microfiber cleaning cloth to keep it always shiny.
• Glass is sensitive and misuse can cause damages.
• Metal parts should avoid contact with water, perfume or liquids.
* All MiNiMiS are nickel free