Pendant necklace ‘Acheron’

Designer: MiNiMiS | Collection: Tangram
Bottle: Brown Beer | Glass color power: Earth/Brown


Rectangular necklace in warm autumn colors. The base is made from a transparent ouzo bottle and brown beer bottle frits. It is hanged in a bronze ‘snake’ chain with gold details and an extension chain.

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MiNiMiS Jewelry is securely packed using aeroplast technology in a crafted and recycled box along with the glass bottle story and MiNiMiS care instructions.
Thank you for saving this bottle!

Brown Pendant necklace ‘Acheron’.

Pendant necklace ‘Acheron’ in the color of the Earth. The base of the glass element is made from a transparent ouzo bottle and the frits are made from a brown Beer bottle. It is hanged in a bronze ‘snake’ chain with gold details and an extension chain. The pendant necklace ‘Acheron’ named after from the river Acheron due to its rectangular shape that refers to the shape of a river. The Acheron River is located in Epirus and its name comes from a Greek word ‘achos’, which describes deep sorrow, sadness and grief. In ancient times, its name was described as the road to the underworld. According to ancient Greek mythology the god Hermes handed over the souls of the dead to Charon to end up in the kingdom of Hades. Every soul had to give a coin for the transfer to Charon. The pendant necklace ‘Acheron’ belongs to the Tangram collection which was inspired by the shapes of Greek nature. The jewelry of this collection was created from small shards of glass that create bright reflections just like nature in its many alternations during the day. They took their names from the rivers, lakes, mountains and the endless Greek light, elements that compose mountainous Greece, as charming as the coastal one.

Brown bottle

Each MiNiMiS product is produced in 6 different colors. This idea arised so that all bottles have equal opportunities in recycling. Depending on your taste, you can choose the design and type of jewelry and then your favorite color-bottle.
The brown bottle is a beer bottle. Beers are usually in a brown bottle or in a green one and the reason is specific. Breweries before the 17th century used transparent bottles for beers. But they found that the clear glass beer bottles, when left in the sun for some time, released a terrible odor into the contents of the bottle through a chemical reaction that was caused. So they concluded that beer bottles should be colored brown or green to protect the contents from ultraviolet radiation.

Symbolism of Brown color

Brown is the color of the earth, it shows that something is reliable, strong and stable. The brown color also symbolizes self-control and the ability of persuasion as it radiates simplicity, peace and a sense of intimacy.
People who wear brown often are steady, energetic and reserved and great supporters of peace. They do not support spontaneity and impulse, as they feel more secure through planning. One profession that we often see wearing brown, are the salespeople or the business executives. This is because brown, in addition to stability and persuasiveness, exudes a sense of confidence. A woman with brown accessories gives the impression of a reliable, intelligent and sensible personality.

Brown jewelry and how to combine them:

They are ideally combined with clothes in beige-brown-camel tones which is a safe, timeless – classic choice. They can also be combined with pink and light blue clothes for a modern look that will win the impressions. Another very beautiful and earthy combination is khaki with your brown accessories.
Our favorite color combination is your brown accessories with blue clothes and brown details (belt, hat, etc.) and of course the most timeless of all, our favorite black that is elegant and stylish and matches all colors.

MiNiMiS product packaging.

MiNiMiS as recycled, ecological and highly aesthetic products, could not any less than have the appropriate packaging.
Each MiNiMiS product is personalized and “speaks” directly to the recipient of the product through the accompanying card from recycled paper. The special tab describes a) the name of the product b) the bottle of origin c) the name of the recipient with a “thank you” on behalf of the bottle that was reused through the purchase of the product and d) instructions for use and protection of the product.
The box of MiNiMiS jewelry is ecological from recycled paper with the brand name printed on it. Inside the box for the protection of the glass jewelry, we place natural sawdust which we procure from local wood processing companies where is the natural waste of its process.
Larger items that need a lot of attention for their transport are wrapped with the special aeroplast technology and packed in bigger boxes according to the needs of each item.

The colour of the tree trunk and the earth. Calm, warm and simple and at the same time imposing, brown has managed to overwhelm our lives without even understanding how important it has been in the history of human evolution. People who prefer it are characterized by practicality, stability, simplicity, dedication.

Use your microfiber cleaning cloth to keep it always shiny.
• Glass is sensitive and misuse can cause damages.
• Metal parts should avoid contact with water, perfume or liquids.
* All MiNiMiS are nickel free