MiNiMiS Philosophy

The Art Of Recycling Glass Bottles into Handmade Jewellery

MiNiMiS is a Corfiot business initiative by Mirella and Nikol Misfout to decrease glass waste and creatively recycle it into glass handcrafted art. We came up with the idea of creatively recycling glass bottles in 2013 when we came across a tremendous glass bottle waste in the island, especially during summer time when Corfu was overloaded by glass bottle consumption. Having the experience and the expertise on glass processing through our family business “Corfu Glass”, the biggest glass construction factory in Corfu, we decided to collect most of the bottle waste and transform it into creative pieces of jewellery art. The world can get better with MiNiMiS, so after you Drink it. Save it.

MiNiMiS Jewellery Art is inspiring people to recycle.

MiNiMiS mission through its handmade art crafts is to start a conversation and take action on the circular economy and to raise respect for our planet—and the materials we introduce into it. “We want top educate people that they should no longer allow products to become waste after their use and, instead, to reintroduce them into a creative production cycle.”

The world can get better with MiNiMis, so after you Drink me . Save me

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