One of a Kind Women's Necklaces from Recycled Glass

In this category of our e-shop you can choose necklaces made of silver, steel and gold with hanging glass elements from recycled glass bottles in unique colors and designs.

Simple, delicate, everyday, special, impressive and definitely unique women's necklaces based on the art of recycling and the philosophy of the circular economy. The play of light in the glass and the special reflections of each piece of jewelry will amaze you. The glass elements that compose a female necklace give the glamor and shine that a female bust needs. You can choose your favorite necklace according to its design and style, according to its color, according to the bottle from which it was created or according to the characteristics and properties of the color that represents you. You will love the MiNiMis necklaces for their originality, their ecological consciousness, their design and their uniqueness since all the glass elements are handmade and therefore unique. Take a quick tour of our website and only those that interest you through the filters that will lead you to your dream jewelry.

Our necklaces, like all our jewelry, are made in 6 colors, from 6 different glass bottles and are combined with 6 different ‘elements’ of nature. The dark blue represents the blue sky, the turquoise the blue waters of the Ionian, the light green the nature, the transparent represents the air and the ice, the oil represents the olive and the brown the Earth itself.

Whatever the criterion of your choice, you are sure to enjoy your purchase…