Magnificent Women's Bracelets from Recycled Glass

Bracelets are the jewelry we need to take our style to the next level. Handmade bracelets with unique design, designed and made in our special workshop with the special know-how that glass processing needs to bring the impressive result that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The special shine of the glass elements will 'embrace' your wrist in the most special way.

The original jewelry designs of our store in combination with their ecological consciousness and their contribution to sustainable fashion are what will make you feel confident that you want them!

Minimal bracelets, metallic to combine with other bracelets for the ideal Layering.

Macrame bracelets with laces for more everyday looks.

Impressive large bracelets for special moments…

Handmade glass bracelets, decorated with impressive leathers and metallic elements for all styles and for all hours of the day.

Leather women's bracelets with the shiny touch of a glass element from a recycled bottle of the color you choose.

MiNiMiS bracelets cater to all tastes and are personalized. In each package there is an accompanying tab that describes the short history of the glass item you chose and a big "Thank you" on behalf of the bottle you saved through the purchase you made.

Think about which color suits you and which bottle you would save…