Name Day Gifts

Are you looking for a gift for the name day of your loved one, a friend or relative and do not know what gift to choose? A piece of jewelry or accessories that will be added to their personal collection is a very popular choice and the right solution for you. Ordinary jewelry, however, is a relatively unnoticed pick. To make your gift more interesting and show the recipient how much you care, choose a unique piece of recycled glass jewelry and make your loved one's jewelry collection peak.

At MiNiMiS you will find special options that exceed your expectations and can be delivered directly to the person celebrating in beautiful gift packages. From our huge collection of jewelry we have gathered the right options for the occasion making for endless smiles. Choose from ecofriendly women's earrings, necklaces and bracelets, for women and men, and make their recipients happy. The jewelry from the company MiNiMiS is designed with the inventive idea of ​​recycling and is the living example that a piece of jewelry can be just as beautiful, even made from recycled glass bottles. Make your choice today!