Male necklace

Designer: MiNiMiS
Bottle: Gin | Glass color power: Water/Turquoise


Necklace for men in the blue of the calm sea, inspired by the sea hero Jason.

With rectangular glass bead from turquoise glass bead made of bottle(Bombay Sapphire) passed on a black cord of adjustable dimension.

Dimensions of glass: 4.2 X 1.2 cm

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MiNiMiS Jewelry is securely packed using aeroplast technology in a crafted and recycled box along with the glass bottle story and MiNiMiS care instructions.
Thank you for saving this bottle!

Male necklace

Men’s jewelry has always been a symbol of strength, masculinity and power. The ancients used to wear jewelry from canines, brass, wood, silver and gold.

Despite the apparent sensitivity that exudes, turquoise is a shade full of energy. It is the color of creative inspiration, inventiveness and spiritual liveliness.   Associated with the personage of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, turquoise symbolizes the calm power, which is able to soothe even the most turbulent sea, in order to dye the waters with his color again.

Use your microfiber cleaning cloth to keep it always shiny.
• Glass is sensitive and misuse can cause damages.
• Metal parts should avoid contact with water, perfume or liquids.
* All MiNiMiS are nickel free