In an era when animals go extinct, landfills cannot stand the burden of so many waste materials, and in general, our planet is slowly dying and nature starts taking its revenge on us, human beings continue to overconsume as if nothing has changed. 

We put the blame on humans because it is their obsession with making a profit instead of protecting their home, Earth, that leads them to harmful activities (mining, disposing industrial waste poorly, air pollution due to car and aeroplane emissions and so on). 

zerowaste handmade jewellery

Although nothing that occurs to an extreme degree can be a good thing, human overconsumption is not the root cause of all our environmental problems. The fact that people choose to shop and support businesses which do not hesitate to break the environmental laws about working conditions in factories and the proper industrial waste management for the sake of their profit should be highlighted. 

However, you should not lose your hope just yet. There are many businesses out there which abide by the rules, do the best they can to impact the environment as little as possible, and use recycled materials for the production of their products. All you have to do is find such businesses and support them. 

Zero Waste Handmade Jewellery for Men and Women: When Recycling Turns Into Art

Reading these lines is a great step towards that direction since MiNiMiS has its roots deep in environmental consciousness and activity. This is evident by the fact that nothing goes to waste in our store. Our zero waste policy dictates that all of our products in our physical and online shop are made in a way that produces no waste that can harm the environment. Even our gift bag is recyclable. 

Zero Waste Handmade Jewellery

Additionally, the materials we use to make our jewellery are recyclable as well. Upcycling, or creative recycling as we would call it, is our way to combine recycling with the art of making jewellery. In other words, we take a used item, which is now considered useless, and we bring it back to life by transforming it into a brand new and practical product of high quality. 

To be more exact, we collect used glass bottles of different colours and sizes, take them to our studio, melt them, process them and craft our MiNiMiS jewellery for both men and women. The fact that we can experiment with colours and patterns allows our jewellery designers to use their skills and creativity freely. A simple browse through our eshop can attest to how elaborately original and unique our jewellery is.